Personal Planning Documents

Personal Planning Documents

We can provide you peace of mind by documenting your intentions and wishes through personal estate planning. You can prepare for unexpected illnesses or death, ensuring that your property is distributed according to your wishes and that any minor children are also looked after.

  • i. Estate Planning
  • ii. Wills Preparation
  • iii. Wills Searches
  • iv. Representation Agreements
  • v. Powers of Attorney
  • vi. Health Care Declarations & Directives
Legal Documents

Legal Documents

We will certify documents, authenticate, and prepare affidavits as required so that you can file your documents with regulatory bodies such as government agencies and the courts.

  • i. Affidavits
  • ii. Certified True Copies
  • iii. Notarizations & Attestations
  • iv. Contracts & Agreements
  • v. Statutory Declarations
  • vi. Authentication of International Documents
  • vii. Insurance Loss Declarations
  • viii. Personal Property Security Agreements
Real Estate

Real Estate

We can help make sense of your purchase or sale of real estate in the Lower Mainland of BC. We also provide services related to refinancing and transfers.

  • i. Purchase or sale of property
  • ii. Mortgage Refinancing
  • iii.Manufactured Home Transfers
  • iv. Easements & Rights of Way
  • v. Zoning Applications
Travel Documents

Travel Documents

To avoid issues at the border and customs around the world, we can help prepare legal travel documents so that you can enjoy your trip and not worry about unnecessary complications.

  • i. Letters of Invitation (Sponsorship)
  • ii. Authorization of Minor Child Travel
  • iii. Passport Application Documents
  • iv. Proof of Identity for Travel Documents