Looking for a First-Class Notary for Notarization or Translation Services?

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NOTARIZATIONਨੋਟਰੀ ਦੀ ਸੇਵਾਵਾਂ

Our notary can notarize documents, for individuals and businesses, such as powers of attorney, affidavits, travel documents, certified true copies, statutory declarations and more.


If you want to authenticate or apostatize your documents, we can collaborate with the foreign agency or the relevant embassy. We have an established network that enables us to satisfy your document requirements.

TRANSLATIONਅਨੁਵਾਦ ਦੀ ਸੇਵਾਵਾਂ

Our notary can provide translation services for documents written in Punjabi. You can also bring in translated documents and we can assist in drafting an affidavit of translation.

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Welcome to Harinder Dail Notary Public

A Notary Public is a professional who can offer you the most proficient way to deal with your legal needs. We provide fast, efficient, prompt, and competent service for matters that are important to you. Clients come to Notaries to protect their interests and to help guide them through a maze of legal requirements.

The Notary Public Society of British Columbia ensures that its members are insured against errors and omissions and that each member meets the high standards of professionalism and responsibility that is expected of them. Notaries embody trust, integrity, and honesty. We stand proudly among all legal professionals.

BC Notaries are unique in North America, providing non-contentious legal services to the public. The Notaries tradition goes back well over 2000 years. Over the ages, the Notary’s reputation for trustworthiness and honesty meant that documents retained a stable reliability throughout centuries of upheaval. Governed by the Notaries Act of BC, Notaries are disciplined through their professional society. Through this Act, the position of Notary as a member of the legal profession is sanctioned and safeguarded by law. The professional work of a Notary is covered by an insurance plan which protects the public. Harinder Dail, Notary Public.