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Questions frequently asked by Clients.

People always call our office and ask these frequent questions which I am going to answer in todays’ blog.

What is a Notary Public?

In British Columbia, a notary public is more like a British notary. Notaries are appointed for life by the Supreme Court of British Columbia and as a self-regulating profession; the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia is the regulatory body overseeing and setting standards to maintain public confidence.

What does a Notary Public do?

A Notary Public is a Public officer, who is authorized to administer oath, and authenticate the signature on a document, certify documents, and attest the validity of the signatures. A Notary Public will make sure that you fully understand what you are getting done.

What do I need to bring in when coming to get any type of service?

You need to bring two pieces of ID, including one photo ID such as Canadian Passport, Drivers Licence, BC ID, and the other ID you can bring is a Service Card, Credit card or Social Insurance card.

 What is Certified True Copy?

A Certified True Copy is a photocopy of the original document that we examine and compare to the original. We then examine and certify that the photocopy is unaltered and is a true copy of the original.

What is the Notarization of a document?

Notarization means the document has been authenticated. A Notary Public is authorized to administer oaths, certify documents and attest to the validity and authentication of a signature. Your signature on the document means that you signed it willingly.

Why should I sign in front of a notary, if I need to get my Signature Witnessed?

People often come to the office with their documents filled in and signed, which is not acceptable. It is a notary’s responsibility to make sure that you fully understand what you are signing. A notary can never sign without reading and understanding the documents. A notary cannot notarize your documents until you sign in front of a notary. Make sure you sign your entire document in front of the notary in the future.

Why can’t the notary publics witness my separation agreement?

It is against the Notaries Act to practice with regard to the Family Relations Act.  A separation agreement is an extremely important document.  All parties should seek independent Legal Advice and sign in the presence of a Family Law lawyer, therefore we cannot witness any signature related to family law.

A Notary cannot sign a document prepared in a foreign language? 

A notary cannot notarize any document in any foreign Language without the translation.

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