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Our office will be closed until March 2014 as we will be moving to our new office located #104-7110 120st Surrey, BC, V3W 3M8. We will continue providing our services. Please give us a call to book appointments. You can contact us through phone: 604-503-3853 or through email: Thank you for your patience during our move

Getting Married Overseas

When you are planning to get married in a foreign country, it is required that you submit certain documents to be authenticated. The following documents are the most common documents that you need to submit:
-Criminal record checks (police clearance) or fingerprint certificates
-Documents originating in a foreign country
-Documents originating in Canada in a foreign language
-Translated documents
-Certificates of birth, marriage or death
-Education documents
The documents listed above are to be notarized before you go ahead and send them off to be authenticated. For more questions or to book an appointment please give us a call at 604-503-3853

Lost/Stolen Passport?

Has your passport been lost, stolen or damaged? If so you can call our office to complete a declaration to obtain a replacement passport. It is important to note that once you have reported a passport lost or stolen it can no longer be used to travel and is no longer valid. To take the proper steps towards obtaining a replacement passport, call our office to book an appointment, 604-503-3853.

Travelling Tips

It’s a New Year and it is likely that you will be travelling this year! We have put together some tips to ensure that you travel safely and without worry!
1) It is important that you have a Will! If you already have a will you should definitely review it and see if it needs to be updated. You can also have our Notary review it.
2) It is important to create a power of attorney. If you have important things to deal with at home and you are abroad, appoint someone that you completely trust and they can handle the business for you.
3) If you are travelling with children, it is recommended that they carry a travel letter. If your kids are travelling with relatives, they must be ready to present proper documentation, such as passports, birth certificates, and travel consent from both parents.
4) We highly recommend that you travel with all your important documents photocopied and notarized. It is much safer to travel with photocopies of your passport, visas travel insurance, and driving license. We recommend that you don’t carry your passport around and keep it in a safe place at your destination.

Our office can help prepare all of the required documents so you can sit back and enjoy your trip without all the hassle. To book an appointment please call our office at 604-503-3853. We look forward to serving you and making your trip more enjoyable.