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We hope you enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Thank you all for your business and support in 2013, we look forward to serving you in 2014! Happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year!

Updating Wills

It is important that you roll into the New Year prepared. With updating your will, you can save your family and loved ones from distress. Some of the most common events and circumstances that may require changes in your will are:
*Death or serious illness
*Birth or adoption of a child
*Purchase or sale of major assets
Take a look at your will and see if any of these situations apply, if they do give us a call to book an appointment to review and update your will!
If you have any questions please leave us a comment or give us a call at 604-503-3853

Representation Agreement

Along with a power of attorney, it’s a good idea to have a representation agreement. A representation agreement allows you to appoint someone to legally represent you in handling all your financial, health, legal and personal decisions if you are unable to make them yourself. You can appoint anyone that you feel is suitable and trustworthy keeping in mind that, you may not appoint any person who is paid to provide you with personal or health care. Since this is a very important legal document it is recommended you consult with a notary public and have a notary witness when you sign the agreement.
For more information please call us at 604 503 3853.

New year….New Resolutions

Sticking to all your new year’s resolutions can be tough and hard to manage. With the help of a notary you can ensure that all your essential legal documents for the New Year are created, updated and properly registered. With our help we will make sure that you receive fair, honest service and value for your dollar. For more information please give us a call or feel free to leave us a comment!